There are very small, but extremely effective gestures to achieve a very welcome goal for the management of home life: save time , never at the expense of quality, for house cleaning . Everyone likes to live in a clean house, but often we have the feeling that we can never do it with time. And we waste it.

Take your shoes off at the entrance . A simple gesture to avoid bringing dirt from the street into the house is to clean your shoes on washable rugs placed at each entrance. But an even more efficient trick is to take off your shoes and wear slippers to be used only at home. Remember, however, to make slippers in washable fabric ready, in case, even for your guests.

Beat the carpets often . Beat them outdoors at least a few times a week. Also always keep the broom handy to collect daily crumbs and any pet hair .

Dry the shower and sink . After taking a shower or bath, it is a good practice to dry the walls of the stall or tub to prevent lime scale build-up or the grease from the used soaps to settle all around: This way you won’t have to waste time descaling the shower. Same goes for the sinks in the bathroom.

Keep sinks clean . Use a sponge every morning and evening to remove soap, toothpaste or make-up residues from the sink. Avoid getting rid of the hair fallen in with a jet of water, better to collect it and throw it in the trash.

Order equal cleaning . It is a trivial but authentic equation in housework. The more things are in their place, the less you have to move them, and the easier it becomes to clean them, in rotation. On the contrary, disorder is a double waste of time: for objects that we don’t find at the right time and for cleaning that maybe we do twice without even realizing it.

Do not leave dirty dishes . We don’t always want to wash dishes and cutlery after eating. But leaving them dirty on the sink or in the dishwasher itself is a waste of time. What to do? If we do not intend to wash them immediately, at least clean them by removing the waste and rinse with water. Afterwards it will be easier and faster to clean them completely.