If you’re living on the Gold Coast, you’ll find that there are many services you can call to help you clear blocked drains. Blocked drains are not a significant problem in most cases and can be cleared with the help of professional plumber services. Once your drains are cleared, it is important to keep in mind what clogged them in the first place to avoid having to call the plumber back again to do the job once more.

1. Common causes of blocked drains

Usually one of the common places drains get blocked is in the kitchen. This is typically a result of fats, grease, and oil getting into the drain. They can be washed right down into the pipes while washing dishes or even through the dishwasher drain. If they get stuck somewhere further down the drain, they could become solid waste and stick. Even though your water still drains, this could cause a build-up that with time blocks the drain thoroughly. Since these kinds of substances become sticky, they can also attract other dirt and debris, and soon you have a blocked drain.

Other drains that easily get blocked are bathroom drains. Bathroom drains run into trouble due to soap, scum, and hair going down the pipes. Most of the time debris and dirt can slide down the pipes and drain fine, but there are times when things can catch onto the pipes, and with time your drain becomes blocked.

Perhaps you cannot imagine such a thing but wet wipes can be the cause of a backup. Wet wipes are meant to be safe for flushing, but usually, the bathroom or toilet wipes don’t break down in the sewer system. Due to this, they’ve become one of the leading causes of blocked drains and toilets.

There could be a drain collapse. In areas where heavy machinery gets used regularly, the drains suddenly get crushed, and collapse and the flow of storm or wastewater stop causing backups.

The Gold Coast is built on loose or sandy soil and with time ground movement can allow pipes and drains to move. This type of ground movement can cause pipe joints to become loose or even disconnected.

Another problem that can cause drain blockage is tree roots. Just a crack in a drain can get a thirsty tree to poke some roots in. Inside they grow quickly, and eventually, the drain is completely blocked.

2. Servicing blocked drains

If you find that your drains are blocked, and water is not flowing freely, you have to turn for help to professional plumbers. There are many different plumbing services available on the Gold Coast that service many of the different neighbourhoods. Specialists can get your drains free and clear fast and provide you with long term solutions so that your drains stay clean longer.

3. Clearing blocked drains

Blocked drain clearing is a routine cleaning job for professional plumber Gold Coast. You can find just the services you require. Plumbers offer services such as drain cleaning inside your home, stormwater drain repairs, pipe relining, or repatching. They’ll inspect your drains and once the problem is solved offer you practical solutions to avoid drain blockage.

So if you have a drainage problem, get online and take a look at the plumbing services available. The professional plumbers in the Gold Coast area know the reasons drain can bet clogged and always offer the very best solutions to get them unblocked.