It doesn’t have to be difficult to hang your new curtains. In fact, if you follow the instructions below, you’ll be able to hang your curtains like a pro.

If you haven’t yet measured your windows, check out our article on how to measure windows for curtains before attempting to hang your curtains.

Hanging eyelet curtains

These are the simplest curtains to hang. All you have to do is feed each eyelet over the pole and make sure that the curtain’s leading and outside edges point in the direction of the window. When you have finished placing the final eyelet between the bracket and the finial, you can sit back and relax because you have completed your task.

Installing pinch pleat curtains

Installing pinch pleat curtains is simple because the pleats are already in place, and you can simply hang them.

Consider the position of the hooks

When hanging pleat curtains you may need to decide where to position the hook so that it sets at the back of the pole.  If you already have a pole then you would need to move the hook to the top of the heading, ensuring that your curtain hangs below the fold. On the other hand, the curtain tracks position the hook towards the middle so that the heading will cover the track.

Things you need to keep in mind when hanging your curtains

Before you begin hanging your curtains, make sure you have the same number of gliders or pole rings as there are pleats. If the curtain pole is attached, the final curtain rope should be placed in the bracket and finial, and for a curtain track, it should be attached to the fixed glider at the end.

If you’re looking to buy custom-made curtains for your space, we can advise you on which type of curtain will best suit your needs and assist you with installation.

Tips for hanging pencil pleat curtains

The detailed instructions for hanging pencil pleat curtains are provided below. It’s not rocket science, just common sense. All you need to do is keep a steady hand and you’re good to go.

Tips for tying the cords

You’d need to tie the cords before gathering. Tie the cords at one end of the heading tape for this. If you do not do this when you begin, the heading tape will unravel and may become uninstalled over time. While most people prefer to tie the curtains at the leading edge, this is purely a personal preference.

If the heading tape accidentally unravels, you will need to rethread the cords through the holes with a tapestry needle.

Check the width of the curtains

Before you begin installing curtains, you should get a tape measure and determine the width of the curtain. It is critical to purchase curtains that are a few centimetres wider than you require so that you do not have to sew the side of the button together once the curtains have been hung.

Hold the loose cords at the end and then begin to pull them one by one. Make sure to do this evenly so that the pleats fall nicely and straight.

Tying the curtains

Once you’ve completed the width of the curtains, you’ll need to tie the cords. Make sure not to cut the cords, even if you want to remove the curtain for cleaning or to hang it in a different window at some point. It is critical that you tie the long cords over your hand so that they do not hang out. To keep the cords hidden, they can sometimes be attached to the lining with a safety pin.

Inserting hooks in your curtains

It is critical that the gathers on your curtains are all nice and even before you begin inserting the hooks. Although it may take some time, the patience is well worth it. You would need to count the number of rings on the pole and then divide by half. This is the number of hooks required to attach each curtain.

It is critical to place the curtains loosely on top of the heading tape before positioning them. This will allow you to measure an even distance between the hooks, which will make all the difference in giving your curtains a professional edge. Make sure to place the hook on the outside edge of the curtain so that when it is pulled close, it will stay securely at the end of the pole.

Three rows of pockets make up the heading tape. For the curtain tracks, insert the hooks into the pockets’ middle row so that the heading hides the tracks. Make certain that the hooks are inserted into the pockets rather than the cords.

Hang curtains with a friend!

Remember that hanging curtains is easier if you have a friend who can support the weight of the curtains while you attach them to the pole. If you’ve gone to the trouble of creating the perfect folds, you’ll want to ensure that they don’t move if the curtain is suspended in mid-air for a while. Attach the final curtain hook between the bracket and the finial if you have a curtain pole.

After you have finished installing your curtains, you can relax with a nice cup of tea, coffee, or something cool and refreshing and give yourself a pat on the back for all of your hard work.

If you’ve read this far and are about to buy curtains for your space, but you’re wondering “what colour curtains should I get?”, then you should know that we make custom curtains! Give us a call for assistance!