Owning a property is one of the most significant investments you will ever make in a lifetime. But there is not a good enough reason to spend a fortune on removals. Check out the following tips to save you serious money while moving into your new home. Before you move, there are serious steps to keep your moving expenditure on the check. These tips will make sure you don’t throw away your hard-earned money and to avoid unnecessary costs. Remember, you are free to spend the money saved from using our tips to decorate your new property or call a shot on a first night takeaway at your new property with friends and family.

Let’s get started.

Clear the clutter

The decision to clear out the clutter in the form of unwanted items in your old home can save you money. The first thing is; it cuts down the number of packaging boxes required reducing the amount of time your removalists require. Better yet if you are being billed on a per hour basis. Some people may think of moving their items independently without considering the number of trips they will require to make, fuel consumption, and the time it will take them to complete the project. In the end, it will prove costly compared to hiring a removalist once; your peace of mind is paramount rather than having to stress about everything else. Get rid of these unwanted items before the moving date. You might be thinking about packaging everything and the notion that you will deal with it after the move, but I bet you won’t! Take to the bank and borrow a loan; it will only serve to increase your cost of moving!

Suppose you are not comfortable throwing away items, but you are sociable. Why not invite friends and neighbours to see if they can get something useful to them amongst the items you identify to dispose of. You might get a pat on the back while being appreciated for the help you offer through your unwanted belongings.

Choose the best removal team

Do a background search on removal teams, compare quotes, and, most importantly, read online reviews left by past clients. They form a solid starting point in your search for the best removal company. Comparing quotes from different companies means you will end up with a great price. The best part is; you will be comfortable knowing that a team of experienced professionals will handle your items.

Book promptly

The earlier you book, the better. Removal companies get booked up during peak season like summer. If you are desperately in need of moving in or out, your chances of getting the best removal services become limited. Booking earlier gives you a chance to bargain for better prices, but late bookings limit your chances to negotiate for a better price.

Ask for discounts

You may qualify for discounts. Ask about them. Some companies do offer discounts when customers ask, especially on bulk items. Look around their websites or ask the customer desk while doing a survey and interviewing movers.

Don’t compromise your work schedule

If you are working during the weekdays in an office, the best time to move is during the weekend. Or if weekdays are the best time to move in for you, then move in then. You have to decide what day and time works best for you. 

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